Centrifugal, Linear Electromagnetic and Vibratory Bowl Feeders Brisbane


Improving Production Processes with Centrifugal, Linear Electromagnetic, or Vibratory Bowl Feeders in Brisbane

"Time is money" may be a well-worn adage that borders on a cliché today, but in the manufacturing and production industries, it’s a hard fact. The sooner a process is complete, the sooner the next step can begin; the faster that happens, the lower the overall turnaround time for a finished product. That leads to happier clients, bigger orders, and the potential for long term growth. However, there are a limited number of areas where one can make real improvements in efficiency. A human being can only work so fast, for example, and there are diminishing returns to consider when you put human hands to work on certain tasks.

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When those tasks involve sorting and preparing parts for use in another step in production, hand-sorting is simply not an option. Instead, consider how much faster a production line can be when parts or components undergo automatic sorting and orientation so that within seconds or minutes an entire batch of bulk components is ready for the next step in the process. By using vibratory bowl feeders in your Brisbane location, that's the result you can achieve. At Aylesbury Automation Australia, we use years of experience and engineering understanding to deliver high-value linear feeders to our Brisbane partners alongside a variety of other solutions. How can these products speed up your line?

Understanding vibratory bowl feeders in Brisbane

The concept itself is simple, but seeing it in action makes it even clearer. Let's consider an example. You must feed a certain component into the production line for fastening to the product, but your components arrive in a bulk configuration within a box. There is no guarantee that the component will reach the workstation in the correct orientation for a fast connection, and would otherwise require tedious sorting. By using bowl feeders in your Brisbane operation, it’s as simple as dumping out the bulk components into the hopper. A special motor creates a strong vibrational force within the bowl, which not only causes the parts to align in the same direction but feeds them out in a straight line ready for the next step.

Depending on the product to be sorted, in some cases using centrifugal feeders in your Brisbane plant will be the better choice. These use a spinning disk and the pull of centrifugal force to sort and line up the product, improving efficiency further down the line. Which is the right choice for your business? Coordinating with Aylesbury Automation can allow our professionals to gauge your requirements and create designs for systems that hew closely to your demands.

Sales, installation, and service — the complete package

After creating equipment for our clients, we demonstrate its operational ability with representatives from your business present. Afterwards, a team of installers can transport the equipment to your business and prepare it for use. With our focus on delivering solutions with longevity, these electromagnetic feeders offer Brisbane businesses a better way to save time and money while achieving the same good results. To find out more, contact us now.