Can you feed a range of different parts in a single bowl feeder?

In some cases the answer is yes, this depends on the similarity of the parts. It may be possible to tool the bowl with adjustable tooling to suit the various components. Another technique is to have one set of tooling on the inside of the bowl and another set of tooling fitted externally, or a replacement bowl to fit onto the existing drive unit.

Vision systems can also be quite cost effective when feeding a range of different components.


The Euroscan is a complete compact feeding, orientating sorting and inspection device which consists of a bowl feeder, a conveyor belt with intergrated line scan camera system, which is all controlled by a brand-named computer and is supplied on a common base plate.

Please contact AAA to determine your best option.

How can we be sure that the product will work in our factory environment?

All machinery supplied by Aylesbury Automation is thoroughly tested prior to dispatch in the presence of one of your representatives and only after you approval is it released. If by any chance it does not live up to your expectations we will arrange for one of our technicians to visit your plant to assess the situation and make the necessary recommendations/modifications to rectify the situation. If the item is damaged in transit or installation or by others we will still make the repairs at your cost.

Can you retool or modify our existing bowl feeders?

In most cases we can retool existing bowls irrespective of manufacturer. Please contact us for details and pricing.

Do you service Parts Feeding Equipment?

We service all brands of Feeders.