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Perhaps you’re expanding your business’s plant operations and need a new set of vibratory feeders in Melbourne. Alternatively, maybe your automated packaging line has been running into issues due to technical difficulty with one of your centrifugal feeders. Either way, you need a business that knows feeders well to correct the issue and move on to the next chapter of your operation. Aylesbury Automation Australia is that business.

What Aylesbury Automation Australia Can Do for You

At Aylesbury Automation Australia, we know feeders as well as any other business in Australia. Based in Sydney, we provide custom feeders—as well as feeder maintenance—to plants, factories and businesses all over the country. If you need new pneumatic feeders in Melbourne, in other words, you can count on us to help. We may not be local, but we are an Australian owned and operated company, and will offer the kind of personal, face-to-face customer experience that you’d expect from a local Melbourne business.

Throughout Australia, what we are most well-known for is custom feeder design and manufacturing. If someone needs a new set of electromagnetic feeders in Melbourne, we’ll often get that call, thanks to our considerable level of skill and experience. We can design any feeder to suit your specifications, consult with you to make sure it meets your needs and manufacture it domestically right at our Sydney factory. To guarantee satisfaction and performance, our next step would be to deliver your new feeder(s) to your Melbourne location, where we would thoroughly test the model in the presence of one of your representatives. Once you had signed off on the feeder, we would take care of the installation for you—again, to guarantee satisfaction and performance.

However, while Aylesbury Automation Australia is most known as a manufacturer of custom automated feeding systems, we also have another branch of service: troubleshooting and maintenance. Sometimes, this service comes in the form of what is essentially warranty work for existing customers. If you were to buy a centrifugal feeder for your Melbourne plant, only to find that it wasn’t working quite right, you could give us a call, and we would send a technician to Melbourne to look at the system, figure out the problem and provide a fix.

This type of repair or maintenance work happens rarely. Because we take so much care in designing, building, testing and installing our systems, they tend to deliver on expectations (and then some). However, we are also happy to service any brand of parts feeder, regardless of manufacturer. Our knowledge about how these systems are built and how they work make us extremely effective for this type of maintenance role.

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Whether you’re seeking new linear feeders for your Melbourne factory or need some servicing and maintenance work done on a pneumatic feeder from a different brand, Aylesbury Automation Australia is happy to help. Give us a call today to learn more.